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Application Of Vibrating Screen Bearing


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First, Introduction

Vibrating screen bearings are mostly used in mine vibration machinery equipment, vibrating screen machinery, vibration motor, is one of the most critical parts of such equipment. The bearing working conditions are very bad, not only the environment humidity, dust particles, high speed, high temperature, but also strong vibration impact, resulting in a very large workload. The bearing has strong bearing capacity, good impact resistance, high reliability, good lubricating performance, and can overcome the deflection of shaft.

Second, the characteristics

1, vibration sieve bearings are generally symmetrical spherical roller, cylindrical roller;

2, generally speaking, the dimensional tolerance is P6, the operation tolerance is P5, the tolerance is indeed fixed, but has the British and the metric cent;

3, because of large heat, so the choice of large clearance. But this clearance can be calculated, mainly considering the original clearance, tolerance and temperature rise can be calculated;

4, vibration sieve bearing application requirements are very high, ordinary bearing steel materials do not. Cages are machined brass and are guided by the outer ring to be suitable for situations with eccentric loads.

Three, vibrating sieve application field

1, mainly used in mine vibration machinery and equipment, vibrating screen machinery, vibration motor;

2, Rivet machine, rock drilling machine, chipper and other pneumatic tools;

3, Electric drill, chainsaw, forestry with chain saw, grinding machine, polishing machine, grinding machine, road maintenance tamping machine and other power tools;

4, diesel locomotives, ships, motorcycles and other transport tools;

5, tractors, harvesters, thresher and other agricultural machinery.

Four, vibration sieve bearing category

(a) cylindrical roller bearings

KZ23 type cylindrical roller anti-vibration and high-temperature bearing can be used in vibrating screen, vibrating mill, vibrating roller and other vibrating machinery. This bearing has the advantages of large bearing capacity of double row spherical roller bearing and high limit speed of cylindrical roller bearing.


The load carrying capacity of ① is 21% higher than that of general bearing, and the service life is increased by 90%.

The limit speed of ② is 88% higher than that of general bearing.

③ in the entire speed range of the frictional moment is very small, 25% smaller than the general bearing;

The ④ operation noise is low because of the statics optimization of the rolling element.

⑤ adopts integral cage, high reliability;

⑥ allowable axial load carrying capacity is high;

The thermal stability of the ⑦ is good because the heat dissipation is optimized. (within 800 degrees)

⑧ the introduction of foreign advanced technology and drawings, the use of imported steel.

(ii) Spherical roller bearing

Spherical roller bearings are bearings with drum rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring of the raceway as spherical. Divided into: Cylindrical inner hole, conical inner hole.

Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which are mainly subjected to radial loads and can withstand axial loads in either direction. High radial load capacity, ideal for heavy duty or vibration loads, but cannot withstand purely axial loads. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so it has good tuning performance and can compensate the coaxial error.

Five, pre-installation inspection

(1) Cleaning bearing and bearing connected parts;

(2) Check the dimensions and finishing status of the connected parts;

(3) installation;

(4) After the installation of a good bearing inspection;

(5) Supply of smooth agent.

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